About Andrew Avgousti




Andrew Avgousti

Andrew Avgousti has over 22 years experience in manufacturing assembly operations, with 17 of those years in senior progressive leadership roles.  He has extensive experience in automotive electronics, stamping and welded products as well as associated products (PCBs, electronics components, stampings, riveting, welding, robotics and vision systems).  His most recent position was Director, Manufacturing Operations for Mold Masters, a privately held global company that designs, manufactures, and supports a full range of hot runner components & temperature controllers for the plastic injection molding industry.  Prior to this he worked various Tier-One automotive suppliers such as Martinrea International, Van-Rob Inc., Magna’s Intier Automotive Division, Visteon Corporation, and Ford Electronics.

Andrew’s extensive knowledge and experience applying principles of Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, 5S, Kaizen and Theory of Constraints has given him the ability to steer businesses to growth and optimize new opportunities.

Andrew holds a Masters degree in Manufacturing and a Bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering, and is licensed as a Professional Engineer.

He devotes his spare time to coaching his son’s basketball team (Ontario ranked), explores new travel destinations, reads, and keeps a healthy lifestyle by staying actively fit.



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