Leadership Strategies for Motivating Employees

April 5, 2010
  1. Focus on people, not numbers.  An organization’s failure or success is determined by the moods, innovation, energy, thoughts, and behaviors of the people who work there.
  2. Model good behavior.  Leaders set the tone for how employees respond to almost every situation.  They can inspire or they can extinguish.
  3. Practice positive leadership.  Positive leadership means remaining purposeful in the face of adversity.
  4. Fill the void.  As a leader, you must meet with your employees and continually communicate, communicate, communicate.
  5. Tell energy vampires, “Its time to get on the bus of off the bus”.  No matter how many pep talks you give or good behaviors you model, your efforts won’t go far unless you are on the same page.
  6. Forbid complaining………all complaining.  Let your employees know that they are not allowed to complain unless they offer solutions.
  7. Teach your people to be heroes, not victims.  Both heroes and victims get knocked down.  The distinction between the two groups lies in the fact that heroes get back up while victims give up.
  8. Focus on the small wins.  Always place your attention on those little, ordinary, unspectacular “wins” that add up to big successes.
  9. Make sure you have sharks in your key positions.  Look at your team and figure out which people display the characteristics of driven, go-get-’em, nice sharks.  Sharks choose to swim ahead, believing that the best is yet to come. 

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