March 2, 2010

Some say we are born with it, others say we can learn it.  How do we define leadership?

What is a Leader?

Leadership is about relationships. 

Leadership is about modeling the behavior in ourselves as well as the behavior we expect others to follow.  We lead with guiding principles and values that we believe in. 

Leadership is about inspiring others with a shared vision.  We want to paint a picture and share it with others. 

Leadership is about challenging the process to look for ways to improve and stay current.  Leaders are seen as pioneers by breaking into unchartered territory. 

Leaders enable others to act by building trusting relationships and collaborating on ideas.  Leaders experiment and take risks to find new opportunities. 

Leaders encourage the heart.  They celebrate values and victories.  They recognize everyday contributions people make.

A leader gets his people to turn challenging opportunities into remarkable success.  They unite people for a common cause and ignite their passion to succeed.  Leaders do not look for short-term results that affect the bottom line, but instead work to develop long-term relationships with people and institutions to help them adapt, change, prosper and grow. 

Leadership is not about personality; it is about behavior.

Attributes of a Leader

  1. Honesty by building trusting relationships
  2. Forward looking by connecting vision to hopes and dreams of the people below them
  3. Inspire by exciting people; energizing people; being positive with people
  4. Competency through relevant experience and sound judgement

Leaders do what they say they will do.


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